Perfection Beauty Academy established in 1994 as a hair and beauty learning centre is now recognized in the beauty industry both local and abroad for its contribution in quality education.

Founder and Principal Therapist, Jasmine Tan with 20 years of experince was awarded a Gold Medal in the 23rd Bridal Make-up Instrutor 2002 from Golden Physique International Association. She possesses recognized qualifications worldwide including from Korea, UK, US and Switzerland, etc.

Perfection Beauty Academy with a decade of exposure has expanded beyond the boundaries of education into beauty services and exclusive beauty products, sharing the concept of beauty to the general layperson.

Perfection Beauty Academy 创办人陈绣婉,于1989 年开始从事美容行业至
1994年开创了 Perfection Beauty Academy。2001年成立了独家品牌Perfect
Plus-系列护肤产品及外敷瘦身膏。 2005年成立完美嘉法兰丝化妆品牌 (马)

以 “诚恳的经营” 为基础,是我们Perfection Beauty Academy 一直信守的宗
旨,展望未来学院将着重于推广 “自然疗法” 的教育目标迈进。在科技技术发
展迅速的环境让你领略源自于 [ 身] [ 心] [ 灵] 的自然疗法。



院长陈绣婉资格 (Tan Siew Wan):

  • (TCM) Traditional Chinese Mediator
  • Kursus Induksi Pentauliahan (SLDN)
  • JPK SKM 1,2,3
  • Assesor PP/PPD/P/PPL
  • Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysian
  • IMCA Kuching
  • 马来西亚国家资格鉴定考试评审员
    (Assessor (PPD) of National Vocational Training Council (MLVK) Malaysia)
  • 马来西亚另类疗法注册美容疗法会员
    (Beauty Therapy member of Malaysia Society For Complementary Therapies Malaysia (MSCT))
  • 英国 (ITEC) 美容考试委员会资格
  • 英国 (CITY & GUILDS) 美容文凭资格
  • Certificate of Fortune Make-up, Phoenix International School of Beauty U.S.A
  • Diploma in Beautician World Masters International
  • Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Diploma
  • Aroma Therapy Essential Oils
  • Lumphatic Drainage Face Massage
  • Honor for Golden Int’1 Make-up Lecturer
  • 拥有多年教学经验

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